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Silvies – McVeigh’s Gauntlet

Simply Amazing Since 1883
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Simply Amazing Since 1883

Myles McVeigh was best known for throwing down the “gauntlet” with his friends in the valley, taking on all challengers, at least when it came to shots of rye, or just good fun. Please play in that tradition!

This stunning 7-hole course is meant to be a fun, care-free course to help players settle bets and test their accuracy on a series of undulating par 3’s and par 4’s. Carved into a razor back and challenging in design, golfers will marvel at the views while exploring the course and its Western appeal.


McVeigh’s Gauntlet is named for Myles McVeigh, an early pioneer who homesteaded in the Silvies Valley. A drinking buddy of the Craddock brothers and the Hankins boys, he settled on Paiute Creek and upper Camp Creek.


The rumor is that he brought his “bad habits” with him when he emigrated from Scotland. These may have influenced his naming of Moonshine Spring and his close friendship with neighbor Charlie Owens, who was known for his highly productive rye field. McVeigh was also rumored to play a little golf and supposedly had a small course on Paiute Creek, where the 13th green is today. Course designer, Dan Hixson, found evidence of McVeigh’s course while building the Hankins & Craddock courses.


Golf Course Layout


McVeighs Features Caddies Who Really Know The Course And Won’t Give You Bad Advice


Led by Caddie Master, Bruce LeGoat, and his friends and family, Mike LeChevon, Peanut LeGoat and Roundabout LaDoe, the team will be ready and waiting to join you on the course. Outfitted with a custom, Seamus Golf-designed pack, the goats can carry up to six clubs, a dozen golf balls, tees, six cans of refreshments for their customers, as well as a few dozen peanuts – they don’t work for free!

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