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Silvies – Chief Egan

Simply Amazing Since 1883
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Simply Amazing Since 1883

The mountain meadow course on the Paiute Creek is a Dan Hixson-designed 9-hole par-3 layout, with water on every hole.

Named for Chief Egan, the last War Chief of the Paiute Tribe who engaged the U.S. Calvary in 1882. This location on Paiute Creek is the closest place to Egan’s last camp during the conflict. Most agree that he and the Calvary would have been better off here, sipping a Silvies Valley Horseshoe Nail and making friends of adversaries, as we invite you to do today.


In alignment with our environmental sustainability ethic, the Chief Egan course is completely off the electrical grid, powered by roof-mounted solar panels; water is gravity-fed from Paiute Spring, about a mile northwest of the course. Please enjoy what Chief Egan and the U.S. Calvary were never able to.


Golf Course Layout

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