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Available for the 2023 Golf Season

Customer satisfaction is my #1 priority. Mike aka The Golf Club Wizard

With a lifetime of experience and a love for golf equipment, my goal is to offer Central Oregon the first mobile golf club repair service. I’m in the process of finalizing my monthly schedules for the 2021 Golf Season so stay tuned! Ideally my mobile unit will be parked and available for orders at multiple different golf courses in the area on a weekly basis. See below for some of my most popular menu items…


  • Regrip clubs (grip recovery optional, but not guaranteed)
  • Reshaft Clubs (repairs and new installations
  • Pull shaft from head -or- adapter
  • Glue/install shaft into any club
  • Loft and lie adjustments for irons and wedges
  • Loft and Lie adjustments with putter
  • Shaft extension
  • Save Grip with air or grip gun
  • Cut/trim shaft
  • Sharpen grooves on wedges (FYI, will make them USGA non-conforming for tournament play)
  • Club touch up/ding repair
  • Prosoft insert installation (affordable vibration dampening system)
  • Re-set loose head on any club

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