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Black Butte Ranch – Little Meadow Putting Course

Mini Golf Style Fun for the Whole Family
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Mini Golf Style Fun for the Whole Family

The newest addition to Black Butte Ranch is a putting course, designed by award winning architect John Fought, it provides a golf experience like no other.

This facility features twelve holes of putting with planned lengths between 45 and 105 feet. However, this course can play as eighteen slightly shorter holes or nine longer holes. There is also plenty of room to change tee and hole locations on any given day. Each hole will feature interesting contours that will test even the best putters. All of the holes will have its own ‘fairway’ and provide ample variety. The new course is fully reversible to provide additional variety depending on how the holes are arranged. There are several rock formations integrated into the course along with native landscape to ensure this entire area is unique. This facility will appeal to all kinds of golfers both expert and novice, both young and old.

Gather your family, friends or colleagues for a fun team building experience.

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