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Tokatee Golf Club

Golf at its finest!
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Golf at its finest!

Consistently ranked in “Best Courses in Oregon” by Golf Digest, Tokatee Golf Club welcomes golfers of all levels. Spend your day at Tokatee Golf Club – where nature is your partner and golf is at its finest.

Nestled in the beautiful McKenzie River Valley with glistening views of the Three Sisters Mountains, Tokatee Golf Club offers an incredible mix of postcard vistas and championship golf. Designed by renowned architect Ted Robinson, this 18-hole course is golf in the rugged outdoors with straightforward holes that are enhanced by their views of distant mountains and their use of native ponds and streams. Tokatee Golf Club is easily walkable, with memorable holes that inspire by their aesthetics and reward in their strategic quality.

  • “Favorite Central Oregon Golf Course” – NW Golf Guys Players Choice Awards ’11
  • “4.5 Stars” – NW Golf Guys, ’10
  • “Ranked #4 Golf Course In Oregon” – Carttek
  • “Readers Choice Award” – Best Golf Course – Register Guard, ’10,’11,’12
  • “Best Courses You Can Play” – Golfweek ’06, ’07, ’08 and ’09
  • “50 Best U.S. Courses for $50 or less.” – Golf Magazine, ’04
  • “Ranked No. 4 for Best Overall Experience.” – BrainstormNW, ’06
  • “Ranked No. 3 for Best Value.” – BrainstormNW, ’06
  • “Ranked No. 13 in The Top 20 for Best Overall Golf Experience” – BrainstormNW, ’05
  • “Ranked No. 1 in The Top 20 for Best Value For Your Money” – BrainstormNW, ’05
  • “Ranked No. 5 in Best Overall Experience” – Oregon Golf Association, ’05
  • “Ranked No. 4 in Best Overall Experience” – BrainstormNW, ’06
  • “Ranked No. 3 in Best Overall Value” – BrainstormNW, ’06
  • “America’s Best.” – Ranked No. 10 in Oregon in 2006 by Golfweek Magazine
  • “One of America’s Top 25 Public Golf Courses” – Golf Digest, ’84, ’88, and ’90

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54947 McKenzie Highway, McKenzie Bridge, Oregon 97413

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